Meet Sasha, The Newest Member Of The Piqué Mebarak Family

Shakira teased fans with a photo of her newborn’s foot on Wednesday, but now it’s time to truly meet Sasha Piqué Mebarak.

The Colombian singer went about releasing the first official photo of her son via her UNICEF World Baby Shower website on Thursday. Shak invited her followers to meet her second son through her social media accounts in Spanish and English.

Once at the website, fans were greeted with this picture of Sasha:

sasha mebarak pique

The photo came just a day after the star shared an image of Sasha’s foot on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Grammy-winning singer first joined forces with UNICEF for the birth of her son Milan in 2013. Shakira has hosted two World Baby Showers to help raise medical supplies and other essentials for mothers in need around the world.

For her second pregnancy, the singer also urged other mothers-to-be to host their own world baby showers through the UNICEF website.

UPDATE: On Friday afternoon, Gerard Piqué shared his own picture with baby Sasha.

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