'Sassy Big Bird' Halloween Costumes Flying Off Shelves After Presidential Debate (PHOTOS)

Big Bird received a huge popularity boost after Mitt Romney threatened to cut PBS' funding during the presidential debate. Since then, the feathery yellow fellow has inspired memes, campaign ads and even T-shirts. So it may come as no surprise that Big Bird Halloween costumes are in high demand this year.

The "Sassy Big Bird" women's Halloween costume sold on Costume Craze has been flying off the shelves since the presidential debate, according to ABC News.


A representative from the company told ABC that although the original Big Bird costume sold out prior to the debate, the "Sassy" version garnered popularity after Romney's remarks.

The silly "Sassy Big Bird" get-up features a Big Bird headpiece, a ruffled yellow dress and huge pink platform Mary-Janes.

Costume World‘s CEO and founder Marilynn Wick told ABC News that Big Bird has been a hit at the Austin, Texas, shop, too. “We have four store locations, and all of them are selling out of the Big Bird costumes.”

New York City Halloween costume vendors are seeing the same trend.

Sarafina Panasside, a cashier at New York's Halloween Adventure, told The New York Times that the costume sold out after Obama's anti-Romney ad featuring Big Bird aired.

“My last customer called 20 minutes ago and asked if I had Big Bird. And I said, ‘No, Mitt Romney took them all.’”

"My guess is that wearers this Halloween will add a sign: 'endangered species," quipped UT San Diego reporter Diane Bell about the popularity of Big Bird costumes across the nation.

(H/T Gawker for the find.)

If you're looking for a Big Bird Halloween costume this year, check out some hilarious options for men, women and children below.


Big Bird Halloween Costumes