'Sassy Gay Friend' Assures Troubled Teens: It Gets Better (VIDEO)

'Sassy Gay Friend' Assures Troubled Teens: It Gets Better (VIDEO)

The startling number of suicides by gay teens who have been mercilessly bullied has prompted an amazing out-pour of support from the gay community in the form of short inspirational videos titled "It Gets Better." Brian Gallivan, better known as the always hilarious "Sassy Gay Friend" in The Second City Network's series of the same name, made this addition to the project where he asks gay teens considering suicide his trademark question: "What are you doing? What, what, what are you doing?"

Both in character in out, Gallivan provides this heartfelt message that things truly do "get better," and that like in his video where he stops Juliet from killing herself over Romeo, he wishes he could magically appear and make all suicidal teens realize how much of "stupid bitch" they're being by thinking of ending it. Listen to his uplifting story below, and check out all of his fabulous videos from the Second City Network for more context.

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