15 Things That Are Way More Fun To Look At Than Your SAT Scores

Ever since the October SAT scores were posted online yesterday, Twitter has been in standardized testing overdrive. But no matter how many times you double-check your score, tweet about it or compare it with all your friends' scores, the numbers are going to stay the same -- at least, for now.

What you really need is a break from the gloom and doom of standardized testing. And since it's scientifically proven(ish) that you can't be unhappy when you're looking at cute animal GIFs, we've gathered some of our favorite, heart-melting Internet distractions for you. Here are 15 things you should look at instead of your SAT scores (again).

1. A piece of pizza wearing a cat in outer space.

It's an intergalatic kitten pizza party.

2. Peek-a-Boo, as played by a dog.

The cutie pie's never lost a game.

3. One little duckling on race day.

This duckling didn't let his SAT scores stop him from pursuing his dreams.

4. And his lazier buddy.

He does his cardio in his dreams.

5. A sleep-deprived bunny falling asleep at his desk, presumably after cramming to hard for his own standardized test.

Ugh, the writing section, am I right??

6. A bulldog whose belly rolls make life challengingly adorable.

He's a really creative thinker, but you'd never know that from his SAT scores.

7. A story of friendship between two cats, with an unexpected ending.

In the sequel GIF, they go on an adventure to recover an enchanted ring.

8. Pandas bro'ing out on the playground.

"Yo bro, watch me go!" *Belly flops*

9. A kitten and his pet teddy bear (or vice versa.)

Guess which one hogs the bed.

10. This dog's noble attempt to play catch.

'Cause if at first you don't succeed, look really, really cute.

11. And this bunny's ability to cope well with defeat.

He didn't even really want to climb that anyway.

12. One dog's desire to be a taco when he grows up.

Fake it 'till you make it.

13. A penguin who can't even with all the snow.

You should see her on Christmas.

14. This baby refusing to enjoy his dog's kisses.

He secretly loves the attention.

15. One future Olympic gymnast bunny.

We give her a 5 for form.

If you're still feeling stressed out about your scores, try one of our 10-minute stress relievers in the slideshow.

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