Someone Spotted Satan Inside A Tasty-Looking Cut Of Beef

What are the odds?

Has Satan showed up on a cut of beef in Mexico?

Citizens in the state of Baja California Sur claim an image of the devil is clearly visible in the photograph of the meat (below) which local news website El Metichon posted to Facebook on Wednesday:

"We've received this image where the devil appears in a rib steak from SuKarne. What do you think?" the outlet wrote. The photograph is now going viral.

It's not known whether the beef, believed to have come from the country's largest meat processor SuKarne, has now been eaten.

But if it's still for sale, then it could end up fetching a hefty price. Dozens of meat-eaters have commented on the post, most offering to taste the prized cut.

See how it compares to this image of the devil. There IS a likeness, right?

artpartner-images via Getty Images

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