Satellite Campus: The Best Branch Campuses In The United States

LOOK: The Best Satellite Campuses

Popular schools are so much more than their flagship campuses. In fact, it is on satellite campuses where many schools feel the freedom to launch their most innovative programs, add variety to students' learning experiences or give back to their home states through research centers that become the state's economy drivers. recently ranked the best of these. Check out the slideshow below.

Universities enjoy saying that they offer experiences beyond colleges courses for credit -- that's often when these lesser known campuses come into play. Whether it's a summer in France instead of Massachusetts or a semester gaining real world experience in a plastics laboratory, the opportunities offered at these campuses have not only strengthened the reputation of their parent institutions but also created buzz in their own right.

10. Colorado State University Global Campus

10 Satellite Campuses With Impressive Reputations All Their Own

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