Satiregram Tackles Instagram Cliches, One Duck-Faced Selfie At A Time

What's better than the cliched photos on Instagram? Making fun of them, of course! To that end, we are delighted to have found Satiregram, an Instagram account dedicated to picture-perfect satirical takedowns of the most overdone Instagram pics.

Food pictures? Check. Duck-faced selfies? They're on the list. Even #ThrowbackThursday gets hit with a barb.

Satiregram's profile describes itself as the "epitome of a typical Instagram user." Instead of sharing photos, however, the account posts pictures of written descriptions, small snippets that describe not only a type of pic we've seen a million times, but also the hilarious reason someone would post that photo in the first place.

Delightfully, Satiregram's "photos" all have had different filters applied, though there's clearly no need for it. Here are some of our favorites:

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