This Is What Saturday Mornings Look Like After You Have Kids

Once upon a time, weekend mornings were for sleeping in, brunch, maybe a few errands... And while it may be common knowledge that becoming a parent means giving up all of those things, we don't always talk about what you get instead. Now, thanks to one Internet famous dad, who goes by bottlerocket on Vine and YouTube, all is revealed.

Weekend mornings with kids involve high-energy dance parties, complete with furniture-climbing and ballet school outfits, set to a Top 40 soundtrack -- and not enough coffee in the world for the adult in the room.

Still, like every ridiculously trying part of having young children in the house, it's only a small price to pay. Because most of us feel the same way this guy does about his kid. "She's the best," he writes on YouTube.

(hat tip: The Daily Dot)

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