Saturday's Morning Email: Funnies Edition

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Saturday Edition: The Funnies

Unimpressed Cat Is Not At All Interested In Your Magic Trick
You really can't teach an old dog new tricks, huh?

Why not try your magic on someone who cares, human?

26 Adorably Bizarre Things Kids Have Said
Where on earth do they get it from?
kids hiding
I'm a liar to a bottle, baby. Come, come, come and open up.

28 Quintessentially 80s Perms
It's just really hard to understand how this ever got approved by the trend lords.
Let's take a curly jaunt down memory lane, shall we?

Watch Stephen Colbert's Last Night At Second City Back In 1994
Colbert performs a song about love that is, sadly, still incredibly relatable.

More importantly, he's got something close to a fro atop his head.

7 Telltale Signs That You Are The Parent Of A Toddler
Ketchup is a food group.
toddler eating
Ranch is also a food group.

And one more thing...

The vegetable cannot hear you.



Illustration by Eva Hill