'Saturday Night Live' Mocks Al Sharpton Talking About 'Jip Morgan' (VIDEO)

The latest episode of "Saturday Night Live" took on Al Sharpton, portraying the MSNBC host as someone who just doesn't understand the news.

The show has mocked Sharpton's hosting abilities and his teleprompter flubs on "Politics Nation" before. On Saturday, it returned to the theme with a hilarious skit starring Kenan Thompson as Sharpton and Mick Jagger as a JP Morgan executive.

Thompson introduced the week's big Wall Street story: the $3 billion loss at JP Morgan — or as he called it, "Jip Morgan."

When the executive said it was actually pronounced "J-P Morgan,” Thompson responded, “OK then, you can call me A-L Sharpton.”

He wanted to know more about the trader responsible for the trades, nicknamed the London Whale. "Where is this whale?” Thompson asked.

“Well, it's not an actual whale," Jagger replied. "He's here in England."

“Oh, so he's on land," Thompson realized. "He’s beached!"

When Jagger started explaining how the London Whale lost all that money, Thompson looked completely flummoxed. He just wanted to know, "Where's this whale?!"

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