'Saturday Night Live' Spoofs Hoda, Kathie Lee And Regis (VIDEO)

"Saturday Night Live" took on Hoda and Kathie Lee's infamous love of drinking and Regis Philbin's return to television in their most recent spoof on the three hosts.

Nasim Pedrad played Hoda as the serious host, opposite Kristen Wiig as Kathie Lee -- who wasn't satisfied by a few drinks in the morning. She had a bottle of wine as an IV drip.

The boozy co-host also wouldn't let up on the subject of Hoda's love life and her "imaginary" boyfriend. When Hoda informed Kathie Lee that she did in fact have a boyfriend, the latter said, "Ho-da phone. That Kot-b true."

"Who set you guys up? Was it Make-A-Wish Foundation?" Kathie Lee wanted to know.

She said Hoda's boyfriend was an "electronic device," and sang the tune to "Good Vibrations." She was only too happy to see Regis Philbin (played by Jimmy Fallon) burst onto the set, just one month after his departure from "Live!"

In one of the world's best impressions of the Reege, Fallon told the two, "You can't kill me, I'm like Tupac Shakira!" He pushed Hoda off her anchor chair -- but not before he and Kathie Lee called her "Osama bin Lonely" and "Mahmood Ima-need-a-date."

On Monday's "Today," Kathie Lee and Hoda responded to the SNL parody. Hoda said that she "missed SNL" because she was busy with her "imaginary boyfriend." She added that SNL had fun at her and Kathie Lee's "expense." Kathie Lee defended Hoda, telling viewers that Hoda's boyfriend really does exist. "I have met Jay...He is a sweetheart," she said.

Watch the skit in the clip above, and Hoda and Kathie Lee's response below.