Saturn in Sagittarius: Finding Our Authenticity and the Transparency of the Soul

Saturn, which in traditional astrology was named the Grand Maleficent, but in modern astrology is perceived as the personification of the Lord Karma and Great Teacher, will end his three years term in Scorpio and move into Sagittarius on Dec 23, 2014. If you are a Scorpio, this is great news, as the passage of Saturn in your sign made life heavy from the end of 2012. You experienced extra responsibilities, difficulties in work, and major transformations similar to what you had to deal with between 1983-1986. But, alas, Saturn will retrograde back into your sign, like a parole officer, coming to check in after your release, between June the 14th, 2015 to September 17, 2015.

If you are a Sagittarius, well, the days of running free in the wilderness are over. Get ready to be tamed. And before you ask if it is a good thing or bad, consider that astrology, just like the creation she describes, is the daughter of father free will and mother fate. In other words, if we adhere to the lessons Saturn wishes to teach us through Sagittarius, the next three years could be gratifying and life-changing. If we do not, than the consequences would be somewhat dire, as Saturn can be a stern teacher.

I made a short video about Saturn in Sagittarius.

Transparency of the Soul
When Saturn was in Scorpio, he worked on exposing our secrets, teaching us about letting go, death, and transformation. Now, standing naked, we are ready to make our soul transparent. For the next three years, Saturn will demand the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the Truth. Saturn in Sagittarius is a polygraph, a cosmic lie detector. When we are not authentic, it will start beeping and when Saturn beeps, it sounds more like a deafening siren.

Who is Saturn?
In Kabbalah, Saturn is associated with the concept of Tikkun, Hebrew for "rectification" or "fixing." In this ancient spiritual doctrine, it is believed that God created an imperfect cosmos to enable us to practice our inner godhood by fixing it. Just like a parent who on purpose leaves some part of a task unfinished for the child to complete and in doing so, feel appreciate, empowered and a grownup. Saturn in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is said to be under the domain of the Sphere Binah, "Understanding," the womb of creation. Therefore, in our charts, Saturn sheds light on what we need to understand and fix in this lifetime. What part of creation are we born to mend. However, Saturn does not stand still but rather orbits in our charts. It takes Saturn 29-30 years to complete a cycle, that is why at the ages of 29, 58, 86 we go through what is called a Saturn Return, a time when we have two Saturns teaching us instead of just one. If you divide 30 years to twelve signs, you get roughly 2.5 years that Saturn spends in each sign. And from Dec 23rd we are all asked to rectify the archetype of Sagittarius.

What does Sagittarius represent?
Location, location, location! Is not just a real-estate mantra, it is also paramount in relation to the zodiac. To understand what Sagittarius represents, we have to look at where it is located in the year (in the Northern Hemisphere). On the right of Sagittarius is Scorpio, symbolized in the Tarot cards by Death. To the left of Sagittarius borders Capricorn, portrayed by the Tarot as the Devil! In addition, as Sagittarius progresses (Nov 22-Dec 21), the days get shorter and the night longer, until we hit rock bottom with the longest night of the year -- Winter Solstice. But this is why Sagittarius rules miracles (and why Hanukkah -- the celebration of light takes place in Sagittarius), instead of being a gloomy sign, Sagittarius was given the antidote to darkness. Sagittarius rules optimism, luck, fortune, and is ruled by no other than Jupiter, king of the gods. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign and as such it is the light-bearer, the Olympic touch, running from one country to the other delivering the everlasting flame. How does Sagittarius do it? By being the ruler of philosophy, wisdom, and truth. Of course it is also the sign of travel. Can you blame them for wanting to travel when your next door neighbors are Death and Devil? Sagittarius is the sign of explorers, foreign cultures, and adventures in far exotic away lands. It is the most enthusiastic (en=in; theism = god), it is the Centaur -- a hybrid of a beast and god. Sagittarius is a mutable sign, in other words, flexible and adjustable. Therefore, the next three years is a great time to work on our flexibility with our body (yoga, stretching, and martial arts), mind (leaning new languages) and soul (working with dreams).

Sagittarius is also associated with miracles (hence its association with optimism and luck). Saturn, the practical planet, will make more miracles happen in our lives the next three years.

For me, the ultimate Sagittarius is professor Indiana Jones. Like the Centaur that symbolizes Sagittarius, he is a hybrid of a scholar and adventurer. So in the next three years, every time you are in a junction or facing an impossible adversary, ask yourself:

what would "Indy" do?
To sum things up, Sagittarius rules: truth, wisdom, mass communication (TV, radio), prophecy, teaching, higher-education, travel, in-laws, foreign lands, exploration, optimism, morality. Now that Saturn is moving into Sagittarius, we are asked to rectify by focusing on truth, authenticity, belief system, our attitude towards knowledge, wisdom and education.

Where is Sagittarius in your chart?
I made a short video tutorial to help you find where you have Sagittarius in your chart. That way you can see in what area of your life Saturn, the teacher, will focus his lessons. Click the link below:

History of Saturn in Sagittarius
Astrology is not a fortune telling art, it was designed and developed as a way to trace, understand, and benefit from cycles. Astrology is not about predicting the future, but rather understating the past, helping us map our present, so that we can co-create our future. For this reason, if you were alive the last times Saturn was in Sagittarius (November 1985 -- Nov 1988; Nov 1956 - Dec 1959) you can identify what were the main challenges and or focus in those periods, since most likely, you would be asked to revisit those aspects of your life. For example, the infamous McCarthy witch-hunt in the US peaked during Saturn in Scorpio (Scorpio ruler of witches, paranoia, spies etc) but declined right as Saturn moved into Sagittarius, the sign of truth.

People with Saturn in Sagittarius in their charts:
Ernesto "Che" Guevara -- Born in Argentina. Most famous for being a Marxist, revolutionary and guerrilla leader. He did not focus on his homeland, but rather true to his Saturn (fix) Sagittarius (foreign lands, education) traveled carrying the flame of liberation all over Latin America.
Mahatma Gandhi -- Called "the great soul" known for his teaching (Sagittarius = teaching) and a person who made his life mission to mend and fix (Saturn) religious conflict (Sagittarius) between Muslim and Hindus.
Ernest Hemingway -- Pulitzer Prize winner American novelist who was known, like Che, for traveling the world and helping oppressed people fight for their freedom. He is quoted for saying about writing that it is: "Alchemy, a blend of observation, experience, travel and imagination." Sagittarius rules travel and alchemy.

What should we do?
  • Learn a new language.
  • Move to a different country or study an aspect of foreign cultures like their cuisine, art, philosophy, tradition etc.
  • Take classes, workshops, earn a new degree.
  • Teach what you want to learn, learn what you want to teach.
  • Avoid lies (white/grey), but be kind in your honesty.
  • Make peace with in-laws.
  • Find a mentor, become one.
  • Share wisdom, mass communicate, defy borders, and unite cultures.
  • Watch your liver (avoid alcohol), hips, thighs.

If Saturn = crystallization, and Sagittarius = Truth, then Saturn in Sagittarius will help us walk the talk, galvanize our believes, and follow our philosophy. It is a great time to write your mission statement, your constitution, your creed. And from this time on, only allow a career, relationship, diet, friendships and activities that are congruent with your mission statement.

I hope to see you in person this coming year. Have great holidays and much love