Saturn 'Waltz' VIDEO Sets Amazing Cassini Orbiter Photos To Shostakovich

Want to go for a spin around Saturn?

In his dizzying video montage above, Vimeo user Fabio di donato lets you come close to the real thing. Set to a Dmitri Shostakovich waltz, the video features more than 200,000 pictures of the majestic planet's rings and moons, snapped by NASA's Cassini orbiter from 2004 (when it first arrived at Saturn) to 2012.

"Can't believe those are photos -- the planets, especially Saturn, still feel like concepts to me. Thrilling to see it from its own orbit," Cameron Christopher, Vimeo content and community coordinator, commented.

The video was posted on July 19 as part of ESA's "The Day The Earth Smiled" and NASA's "Wave At Saturn" events -- during which Cassini peered across the solar system and took awe-inspiring pictures of Earth.

Cassini will continue to snap photos as it studies Saturn's rings and icy moons as part of its Solstice Mission.

Cassini Pictures Of Saturn And Its Moons

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