Saudi Man Arrested For Sexually Suggestive YouTube Video (VIDEO)

Saudi officials have reportedly arrested the star of a video that shows a young man flirting and dancing while wearing a police uniform.

The video, which became a viral hit on YouTube, shows the man posing as a police officer.

He asks the cameraman for his driver's license and registration, before saying both are expired. He then says the cameraman must give him "comfort" instead of paying the fine.

Police First Lt. Nawaf Al-Bouq told Arab News that the 27-year-old man star of the clip had been arrested along with another man.

"He is facing three charges: One is for homosexuality; the other for general security; and the third is for impersonating a police officer," said Al-Bouq.

The clip is another example of how social media and videos may be spreading knowledge of Saudi Arabia's sexual underground. In February, Mazen Abdul Jawad faced trial for boasting on television about his sex life. He was sentenced to five years and 1,000 lashes.

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