Saudi Women Proudly Tweet Photos Of Themselves Voting For The First Time

They shared their first votes with the world.

Saudi Arabia held historic elections Saturday in which women were not only allowed to vote for the first time but also were elected into office. 

Over 130,000 women registered to vote and almost 1,000 women ran for government positions in this weekend's elections. Twenty women were elected to municipal positions in the country, according to The Associated Press.

While the elections mark a turning point in Saudi Arabia, the country still remains one of the strictest when it comes to women's rights. Saudi women are forbidden from driving and must receive permission from a male relative to travel or go to school. Saudi Arabia also has strict laws limiting fraternization between the sexes.

The women running for office on Saturday were not allowed to directly address men in person, and their campaign leaflets could not show their pictures. They utilized social media to reach out to both male and female constituents.

Social media also played a large part in the voting process, as women voting for the first time tweeted pictures of themselves casting their ballots. 

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