Sausage Double Beef Burger From McDonald's China Is Giving Us The Meat Sweats

It's pretty easy to make the case that the best burgers are the ones with a great beef flavor. A good burger doesn't need too many frills: We're cool with cheese, onions or even mushrooms -- but once you start throwing on kimchi or other crazy toppings, you may have gone too far.

You know what is definitely too far? A couple of thick sausage links atop the patty.

McDonald's China has released a sausage double beef burger, an extremely meat-heavy offering, even for serious carnivores. This creation features two hamburger patties and then two sausages on top, all sandwiched between a bun.

Oh, and there's some mustard:

mcdonalds china

We're not really sure how you fit this in your mouth, but hey, you probably don't really need the bun. Seriously, we're not really sure why they didn't just go full "Double Down" on this thing.

Also, McDonald's China, if you're reading this, we're hoping you went with some tasty Chinese sausage, along the lines of "meat candy."



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