Sausage Attack On Cyclist: Michael Baker Allegedly Used Meat As A Weapon In Assault

When enjoying an early morning bike ride along a quiet suburban pathway, one must be aware of a plethora of roadside hazards. But for one central Massachusetts cyclist, one of those hazards happened to be sausage links.

The incident occurred at approximately 8 a.m. Sunday in Holbrook, Maria Papadopoulos of Enterprise News reported. The unidentified victim was cycling along when a man -- whom cops have identified as Michael A. Baker -- allegedly came up to him and began striking him with sausage links.

"He said he was trying to hit him with that. The victim had no idea why," Holbrook Police Lt. David Dickinson told Enterprise.

Baker reportedly switched weapons from processed meat to processed metal mid-attack, striking the victim with a wrench, the Associated Press reports.

Baker then allegedly stole a silver chain, ring and the bike from him.

A jogger spotted the incident and was able to identify Baker, according to Enterprise. Cops then apprehended Baker as he was making off with the bike on a nearby street.

The victim suffered multiple lacerations and was taken to a nearby hospital.

A break-in was later reported at a meat stand at the Brockton Fairgrounds. Authorities determined that the stolen sausage was of the same cut of meat that Baker had allegedly used to maim the unwitting cyclist, Enterprise revealed.

The victim reportedly did not know his assailant. A motive for the crime is unknown.

Baker was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, armed robbery, disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, and receiving stolen property under $250.

The Holbrook incident is not the first time meat has been used as a weapon.

In January 2011, Chantille Rodway was arrested in Canada after reportedly hitting a male in the face in her home with a package of minced beef, according to the Telegram.

In October 2011, Drew Smith Warner allegedly threw raw chicken and a candle holder at a 52-year-old victim in California, according to the Bay Area NBC outlet.

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