Savannah Guthrie Tells 'The Tonight Show' About Losing Her Engagement Ring (VIDEO)

The newly engaged -- as of May 2013 -- Savannah Guthrie dropped by "The Tonight Show," where she revealed that she nearly made a very, very big mistake. It's not that she was going to say "no." Instead, she almost had to tell her fiance, Mike Feldman, that she'd lost her engagement ring.

She said that when she first got the ring, it was too big. As such, she was frequently taking it off while performing various tasks. Then one day, she couldn't find it.

“The panic is rising up. I call work like, can you please look in my office, maybe I left it there," Guthrie said. She stuck her hand down the drain in the sink, sifting through guacamole and bean dip, and even dug through the garbage. It's a good thing she was willing to get dirty to try and find it, because that's exactly where it was.

"It fell out of a paper towel in the trash," she said.

She worried about telling her fiance about the near-disaster, but he did ultimately find out. After this episode aired, he'd have known either way. Still, he laughed about the story on Twitter.

Guthrie talked about the reaction to her engagement at her job. She said her "Today" co-host, Matt Lauer, threw an engagement party for her and Feldman, and he even DJ'd. As for Feldman, he runs a strategic communications firm, according to E! Online. So it was probably a good strategy for her to communicate to him her mishap with the ring.

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