Savannah Guthrie Leaves 'Today' Early For More Eye Surgery

"Hopefully next time I see you, I'll really see you!" the co-anchor said.

Savannah Guthrie took off work early Monday for more eye surgery.

The “Today” co-anchor said her vision problems were “not over” and that she was leaving to have a cataract removed.

Guthrie’s sight was damaged when her son Charly, now 3, accidentally threw a toy train in her face. She underwent surgery to repair a detached retina in December.

She said she’s been dealing with a big blurry spot, and co-anchor Hoda Kotb detailed Guthrie’s other problems, including wave-like vision and distortion.

“I feel like it’s Christmas morning because if they remove this cataract I’ll really be able to see, and I’ve had a hard time seeing,” Guthrie said.

She might be returning to work this week.

“Hopefully next time I see you, I’ll really see you!” Guthrie told Kotb and Carson Daly.

Guthrie had put off the procedure because of the coronavirus pandemic, Today reported.