Savannah Guthrie's Super-Sweet Update About Her New Baby

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Life has completely changed for Savannah Guthrie since she had her baby, the host told "Today" on Friday.

She gave birth to baby daughter Vale Guthrie Feldman earlier this week. She called in to "Today" to update viewers for the first time since giving birth, and talked about being a new mom.

"I feel so different," Guthrie said. "I feel like life just started. I mean, honestly, I can't get over the joy that she brings."

She said that words could barely express the way she was feeling, but continued, "When I look at her, I'm so proud and I just -- I can't stop thanking God. So happy. We're so pleased with her... sometimes we just cry spontaneously because we love her so much and we're so happy."

Guthrie and Mike Feldman shared pictures of Vale — who has "the chubbiest cheeks you've ever seen," according to Guthrie — with "Today" on Thursday.