Savannah Guthrie Talks Gosselin Twins Interview: 'It Was Crazy'

On "Watch What Happens: Live," Savannah Guthrie talked about her infamous interview with Kate Gosselin and her 13-year-old twins. Things got incredibly awkward when the twin girls clammed up, and then it got even worse when Kate tried to push them to open up and talk.

You killed that interview," Andy Cohen told her, to which Guthrie replied, "Meaning killed it by no one talked?”

Guthrie went on to say she was surprised when the girls didn't talk, but she felt sympathetic to them. "I honestly was just thinking, this is crazy," she said. "Is this as crazy as it feels inside? Does it look crazy? Then I checked my Twitter feed and I knew, it was crazy. I saw Matt [Lauer] right after, he was like, ‘Woah.’”

It may have just been an off day for the girls. A few days later, they had no trouble talking when they stopped by ABC's "The View." Or maybe it was just too early in the morning.

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