Savannah Guthrie's D.C. Farewell (VIDEO)

Savannah Guthrie bid farewell to Washington, D.C. on Friday's "Daily Rundown." Guthrie, formerly a White House correspondent for NBC, is headed to New York to become the co-host of the third hour of the "Today" show.

She is also leaving Chuck Todd as the sole host of MSNBC's 9 AM hour.

"You've been a really good friend, and even though this is ending I know our friendship will continue," she told him. "We still both work at NBC News," Todd pointed out. In an act of kindness, he played several bloopers of Guthrie flubbing her lines, and mocked her about her new destination.

"You get to the 'Today' show and you get the 9 o'clock slot?!" he said.


Randomly, Guthrie's new co-hosts--Ann Curry, Al Roker and Natalie Morales--also cut into "The Daily Rundown" on Friday, welcoming Guthrie to the team.