Save Air America in Phoenix

Below is the website for Save Air America Phoenix. Please forward to get the word out...

On March 1, 2006 our Air America Phoenix station was bought by a Christian Broadcasting company who immediately took us off the air. This was a "dark" day for progressive talk radio in America. You have flooded us with emails pleading to get Air America back on the radio and asking how you can help. We have heard your cries and we can get us back on the air by April 3, 2006 !

The former staff of Air America Phoenix has negotiated a deal to resurrect operations at a new home effective April 3, 2006 but we need your help! We must immediately raise money to cover our operating expenses out of the gate. Our goal of $500,000 will guarantee us a home for years to come.

Each person or business who donates can have their business logo or personal message permanently displayed on our new web site,, that will commemorate you, the true patriots who rallied to our cause. This is like "buying a brick" and having your name and message inscribed on it. Instead our "building" is the web page and the "bricks" are the pixels.
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