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Save Our Children

In a world full of technology, reality TV shows, and information, our children are being targeted for so many things.
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Last night, I watched TV and I got so depressed -- first, there was Oprah's interview with Mathew Sandusky and then next channel was images of children being killed in Gaza. It got me thinking of the abuse that children all over the world endure in so many forms. In a world full of technology, reality TV shows, and information, our children are being targeted for so many things.

These include killing during war in places like Gaza and Syria where innocent children all around the world are just murdered for no reason at all. Their only fault is that they were born there. The children that do live, are in fear of being killed the trauma of hearing bombs go off stays with them forever. The UN says that 1 of every 5 of the 299 casualties in Gaza are minors.

To me it doesn't matter what religion, what color of skin or what language they spoke, they were innocent children who just wanted to play with toys and enjoy life the way our kids want to.

After the war many orphaned children are also kidnapped and sold to human traffickers. An estimated 1.2 million children are victims of human trafficking on a yearly basis . These children are used for sexual and domestic labor; they are basically sold into slavery where they have no escape. The families are poor or been killed during war and there is no chance of escape for them.

The next big demon that is facing our children is hunger and malnutrition. It is estimated that in 2010, globally 7.6 million children died of hunger, we have children who are starving and don't have enough food.

Even though according to FAO, the world produces enough food for all its inhabitants, yet it is not evenly distributed. The rich throw away so much food yet the people that need it, don't have the money or resources to buy it.

Then we have the sexual abuse of children that goes on so blatantly in our society. Jerry Sandusky was abusing kids since the 1970s and no one noticed? How was it possible? To think of the horror that these children have to deal with, the mental and physical trauma that stays with these children for ever. Why is their innocence taken away because of some sick old man sexual fantasy?

My question to you all is: Is this the kind of world we plan to leave our kids with? We talk about saving the planet and the environment, (I am a big proponent of saving the environment) but what about saving our children? They are suffering from all sorts of abuse. These things don't just happen in third world countries; here in America so many children go to bed hungry every single night. Some of you might be thinking "My child is safe here where I live, nothing can go wrong with my child "but believe me every parent believes that. We need to work towards making the world a safer place for our kids. Help organizations that feed malnourished children around the war, protest the killing of innocent children in hostile areas around the world. If you see something wrong happening to any child around, please don't turn your back on them. We need to fix this messed up world that we are leaving for these innocent children.