Save Relationship With A Vacation? Author Says It Didn't Work For Her

Karen Schaler makes her living writing about how vacations can act as relationship therapy, but she knows firsthand that trips can also make it clear when a relationship is not meant to be.

The author of "Travel Therapy: Where Do You Need To Go?" joined HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri for a conversation about "hail-mary-moons" -- a kind of last-minute effort to save a relationship by going on vacation.

Schaler had the opposite experience.

"I was in a relationship, and on the surface it looked great," she said. "It was a new relationship, but it had moved along pretty quickly, and everything looked perfect to the outside world. But deep down, I had doubts."

Schaler looks at travel as her relationship "litmus test," so the couple took a trip to the British Virgin Islands, where they lounged on a catamaran and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

"I thought, 'Hopefully, this will really create the spark and those doubts will go away,'" Schaler said. "It actually was a successful trip because it turned out the doubts were right."

She realized that though her companion was a wonderful man, he simply wasn't right for her. Watch the clip above for more on her experience (and check out the full conversation here), then click through the slideshow below to see how our readers knew their marriages were over.

The Moment I Knew

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