Kathryn Cornelius's 'Save The Date' At The Corcoran Gallery: Seven Weddings For One Bride (PHOTOS)

WASHINGTON -- Local artist Kathryn Cornelius' big day is this Saturday. She will celebrate her wedding day with people visiting the Corcoran Gallery.

Unlike most brides, Cornelius isn't renting the place. She's the art.

Cornelius is participating in the Take It To The Bridge series at the Corcoran. For her piece "Save The Date," the artist will marry and divorce seven suitors, one an hour from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Check out Cornelius' engagement photos with her brides and grooms. Story continues below...

Save The Date

Some aspects of the exhibition are clearly theater, but some aren't. For example, the dress is real -- Cornelius told The Huffington Post it cost about the equivalent of two months' rent. And like some other contemporary brides, her mom is baking the cake. The weddings will also feature flowers and first dances.

The question that most people have asked Cornelius is the obvious one: Why?

"Largely, I have an interest in exploring marriage as an institution," Cornelius says. "There's a lot of rhetoric that you have to get married to be okay by society's standards and to validate that you're okay through that public recognition."

Cornelius says she's also interested in society's conflicting attitudes toward the end of marriage.

“The whole point is to question the idea of this piece of paper,” she told the Washington Post. “If there’s a crux of this piece, it’s that.”

Another goal of the piece is to explore the middle ground between interaction and collaboration. Cornelius and her partner(s) will be performing, but the crowd is welcome to participate.

Along those lines: Dancing and drinks will be for all.

If you can't attend in person, watch the weddings online here. RSVP not necessary.