'Saved By The Bell' And Philly PD Still Want You Off Drugs In 'New' Ad

Cut-and-paste PSA's creator should get detention.

The gang from "Saved By The Bell" is back to tell us not to do drugs, via the Philadelphia Police Department.

Wait, what?

The department resurrected an anti-drug PSA from 1991 featuring those clean-cut kids from fictional Bayside High and TV exec Brandon Tartikoff. Except the police department replaced Tartikoff's head with a sloppy cutout of police chief Charles Ramsey.

AdWeek called the spot, posted to YouTube on Aug. 13, "mind altering."

The department originally intended to replace the whole cast with faces on the force but ran out of time, the department's social media manager told the New York Daily News.

In the ad, the cast members from the wholesome show, which ran from 1989-1993 and featured a group of fun-loving students, urge viewers not to do drugs, then surround Tartikoff while saying, "There's no hope with dope."

There isn't much hope for dopey PSA rip-offs either.

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