'Saved By The Bell' Reunion: Dennis Haskins Surprises Tiffani Thiessen On 'Today' (VIDEO)

"Saved By The Bell" fans and former star Tiffani Thiessen got a big surprise on "Today" Tuesday morning.

Just before Thiessen, currently starring on USA's "White Collar," and "Today" anchors Natalie Morales and Willie Geist kicked off a game of TV trivia -- which featured a giant sign from The Max, "Saved By The Bell's" legendary hangout -- Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding) came onto the set with his classic, "Hey, hey, hey. What is going on here?"

The "Saved By The Bell" reunion shocked Thiessen (who looked a little uncomfortable, perhaps because she's been avoiding a reunion for years), but it didn't derail the trivia game. Haskins alleviated Al Roker of his game show hosting duties so he could join Geist's team and the two battled against Morales and Thiessen.

Despite Thiessen's notorious avoidance of a "Saved By The Bell" reunion, Haskins told "Today" the real reason a reunion hasn't happened yet. “It’s not like something is holding it up -– I think it’s a matter of timing and finding something that everyone wants to do,” he said. “There’s some issues with Dustin [Diamond]. He wrote a book that wasn’t real positive.”

Watch the surprise "Saved By The Bell" reunion below:

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