Why Two Non-Virgins Decided To Save Themselves For Marriage

Why Two Non-Virgins Decided To Save Themselves For Marriage

Gunnar Larson wasn't a virgin when he started dating his now-wife Sarah, and neither was she. But they decided that they were going to wait until their wedding night to have sex anyway.

In a video posted Monday as a part of Refinery29's "Cupidity" series, Larson opened up about their joint decision to save themselves -- kind of.

"We both kind of came from a religious background," he said. "Funny thing is neither of us technically saved ourself for marriage. We felt like we could kind of redeem ourselves and give this gift of our sexuality to each other."

On their wedding night, Gunnar and Sarah finally "sealed the deal," so to speak. Larson called it a "spiritual moment."

"It was very ceremonial," he said. "We sat down before and had a little bit of champagne and we had a little chat about the day and it kind of escalated into this moment of really beautiful love-making."

For more on the couple's decision to wait and to hear more about their love story, watch the video above.

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