Saving America From Itself

Saving America From Itself
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We are living in such tragically hopeless times. I have watched the PBS Newshour's weekly wrap up with Mark Shields and David Brooks for years, and I have never seen them look as hopeless as they looked last Friday.

President Obama may have saved America from macro-economic collapse after he first took office (I was so inspired by his election I went to Washington for the 2009 inaugural events), but he has failed to prevent the further deterioration of America's culture... a culture reaching a tipping point that could lead to total collapse. This is a condition some blame on our history of bigotry. But it is a condition I see in much bigger terms. This is because while bigotry exists in the minds of some, it does not exist in the minds of all. What does exist is the perpetuation of one false truth that -- if exposed -- has the power to transform our society to one based on hope rather than hopelessness... one based on love rather than hate.

Are you ready for a "Matrix" red pill / blue pill moment? Okay. Then read on...

"...there is no turning back. You take the blue pill-- the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill--you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I'm offering is the truth." - Morphius, "The Matrix"

What exists in the minds of all (well, nearly all... and definitely in the minds of those who currently have their hands on the levers and buttons of power in society) is a belief in scarcity... a belief that there's not enough for everyone... that we live in a Zero Sum society. "If I am going to have more, then someone is going to have to have less." Scarcity of resources is the foundational truth underlying the design not just of America but of our global culture. We live in a "you or me" world. And as more people see how that "have's" are continuing to get more and more at the expense of the "have nots", anger is building to a boiling point. And I fear this boiling point may be reached, at which point our society will tear itself apart.

Now here's the red pill moment:

Scarcity is a lie. There IS enough for everyone. We have the ability to feed, clothe, house, and educate everyone on Earth. This technological milestone was first reached in the 1960s. Buckminster Fuller and his good friend Gerard Piel (the founder of Scientific American) did their best to get the word out. But it never became "front page news" in their life times. However, it CAN become front page news starting now!

You and I can declare... to all our family, friends, associates, and the rest... to journalists and other media types... to the celebrities of the world: "Abundance is the true nature of reality now!... The root cause of war and suffering... the reason why humanity spilt itself into separate tribes countless centuries ago... the fear that for me to have what I need someone must not have what they need... is no longer scientifically true!"

For proof of this new reality, please read "Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth," Buckminster Fuller's pathbreaking book from that 1960s time period.

I will be writing more about this "new truth of abundance" in the days and weeks to come. But I wanted to start this conversation today, because it is Buckminster Fuller's birthday. He was born on July 12, 1895. I read "Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth" in 1979 and met him in 1983 when he came to NYC for what turned out to be his last presentation. It was called "Integrity Day" and was about the power of human integrity... our ability to tell the truth about the way things are... to change the course of humanity.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUCKY! Thank you for being a force for truth in a world still caught up in the "big lie" that there's not enough for everyone. Here's my favorite, short video of Bucky. (Many videos are out there that are longer, but this one communicates a lot is less than 3 minutes.)

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