Saving Energy Is As Simple As Making This Change When You Do Laundry

Every time it's laundry o'clock, use cold water.

Washing your clothes in cold water can dramatically decrease the amount of energy your washing machine is using, and it can also save you money. 

In a new Huffington Post original series, “Sustainable Self,” we connect the small choices we make in our everyday lives to the huge impact they can have on the Earth by focusing on a simple action in each episode.

If you’re anything like us, you may have gotten used to switching between hot and cold water to do your laundry. Perhaps you, too, thought warm water makes clothes cleaner. But au contraire. Experts say that hot water is only necessary to sanitize items such as reusable diapers or sheets used by someone who’s been sick. 

Understanding the environmental harms of using warm water to do laundry, some detergent companies have created products that work better in cold water, such as Tide Coldwater. Another way to save energy is by running your machine only with full loads and avoiding the heavy duty setting.

Next time it’s laundry o’clock, make sure to use cold water. 

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