Saving Grace

It is an arrogant fallacy that Man has fallen from grace, as if he ever possessed an angel's status and bearing.

Judging from the conveyor belt of torrid tales relating to the gracelessness of vaunted personalities from squeaky clean athlete/cottage industries who turn out to have a veritable chain-gang of mistresses to relentless profiteering politicians indebted to corporate sponsors and partisan lobbyists, from media outlets which manufacture division-sowing tripe in the form of news and baldly manipulated data calculated to confuse and distract, it is a failing struggle for Man to attain grace as opposed to the rightful reclamation of it. It was never really his to begin with.

The species' propensity toward sensationalization of inherent weakness is a modern hallmark of its boorish pedigree, an indication that it has slithered only inches from the primordial slime in which it once gestated. Perhaps nature is taking back control from the species that dared challenge evolution itself; that the built-in mechanisms ensuring balance are also ensuring Man's eventual erasure from the landscape of the living. That once essential tribal instinct has become so corrupted by bad leadership that that particular system has become a threat to the very organisms it once preserved. The Boehners and the Baucuses, the Aileses and the Murdochs have all attained leadership positions which function in direct opposition to the welfare of their followers, contributing to their tribes' eventual plummet into the sociological abyss.

When the masses wallow in schadenfreude, using the foibles of its fellow creatures as bawdy entertainment, and when the prime tenet of modern society is to cull profit from fear, then grace is a far off prospect and extinction a certainty.

If indeed the basic imperative of life is to survive, it's no wonder that we ascribe fairy tale scenarios to make shape of the murk, make the journey more palatable to those who cannot countenance a life lived in biological anonymity. The choice of imbuing existence with a point system in which winners profit and losers perish has been the ruin of the species, a corruption of that lonely yet humble survival imperative. Grace--like knowledge, humility, mercy and serenity--is a lofty goal requiring efforts beyond those necessary for mere survival. For our society to ever attain the grace as described in, say, the Constitution of the United States, Americans must resist the primal urge to gain dominion over the weak by letting greedy forces set the agenda.

It's that presence of greed which impedes the hope of attaining grace. It's the senses' inability to become sated that will have proven to be the mechanism which will ultimately end Man's reign. The sad irony is that once that is accomplished, balance is restored.

And grace will be attained.