Savor Your Citizenship

“We sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us.”
 ~ Winston S. Churchill
On this day 75 years ago, America was attacked at Pearl Harbor.
So, today I simply wanted to remind us to honor our military and savor our citizenship.
Today’s US military is completely voluntary.
Whether we agree or disagree with an administration or the stated purpose of any military action, do not take for granted that each active soldier volunteered to serve.
There are still veterans alive today that were drafted into service. 
Without any choice, they honorably served our country.
Even if it’s a simple “thank you”, pay respect and honor our military.
Because so many have sacrificed before us, we enjoy so many freedoms.
As I realized so clearly upon returning from the Haiti recovery:
Less than 5% of the world gets to be an American.
I was born here of no accord of my own, so I feel like I hit the lottery.
Treasure those freedoms.
Savor being an American.
You are capable of anything.
Our country is capable of anything.
My ability to conquer my challenges
is limitless.
My potential to succeed
is infinite.
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