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Nobody Puts Bread Pudding In A Corner: Savory Recipes You'll Love (PHOTOS)

Stop typecasting this delicious, versatile dish as a dessert.

The wind brought sincerely cold air to us this week, and we (predictably) have reacted by thinking of all the things we can cook in our ovens while we're busy inventing excuses to stay inside. When you begin your fall/winter hibernation cooking, the cupboard isn't always overflowing with baking ingredients, and often this brings us to one of our favorite foods to MacGyver from what we have hanging around: bread pudding recipes. We're afraid, however, that bread pudding is being typecast by some of you. Bread pudding doesn't always have to have Nutella in it, there doesn't always have to be sticky, roasted fruit present and you don't always have to decide between regular sugar and brown sugar. It's time we all embrace savory bread pudding.

Savory bread pudding recipes make us excited for two major reasons: 1) they're delicious (you should have known that one) and 2) they're a way to cheat on Thanksgiving and kind of eat stuff a little early. We love Thomas Keller's leek bread pudding recipe (so much that one of us made it once instead of stuffing for Thanksgiving and no one murdered her), but we knew you guys must also have some excellent ideas up your sleeves. So, we took to the internet and rounded up some of your best savory bread puddings.

Leek And Artichoke Bread Pudding

Savory Bread Pudding Recipes

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