Say Bye to JoJo With One Last Bachelorette Recap

Ah, JoJo, we hardly knew ye. I say that because I really thought you were going to pick Luke.

What happened, Jo? You went with the guy who wanted to propose to you the least. You wanted something specific to happen and he did everything he could to ignore your wishes, including flat-out ignoring them. Your whole family told you to go with the other guy. Your instincts told you to go with the other guy. Jordan was kind of like, "You know, you could still go with the other guy tomorrow. I'm just saying, you could still do that, that could still happen."

They say love is blind, but the more I watch any Bachelor franchise show, the more I think love is like a pouty tween who refuses to open their eyes. Was this the premise of Eyes Wide Shut? It's in my queue.

Still reeling from that proposal? Never fear, Grant and Lillian are here with the most dramatic installment ever of season one of The Brunchelorette, the finale's finale:

If you snoozed through any part of JoJo's season, what are you waiting for? Relive it all with Grant and Lillian from beginning to end: