Beat Those Pesky Post-Wedding Blues

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to keep that newlywed glow long after the wedding day has passed. Here are just a few tips to combat those dreary post-wedding blues.
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The gifts have been opened, the thank you cards sent and the tan from your honeymoon has faded. The big day is over. You are no longer spending every spare moment thinking about or planning details for your wedding. The excitement and anticipation is gone and a sadness has washed over you. Sound familiar?

You've got the post-wedding blues.

Don't panic! It's very common to feel this way after an exciting event. With so much to process it might feel like you've been caught up in a tornado and just as suddenly dropped out. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to keep that newlywed glow long after the wedding day has passed. Here are just a few tips to combat those dreary post-wedding blues.

Relive the Day Through Pictures
Scour Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any place where friends and family may have posted pictures of the big day. It can be fun to see the day through the eyes of your guests. If you've received the pictures from your photographer, look through those and pull your favorites to create gifts or albums for your parents and close family. Get a few of them printed on a nice canvas to hang in your own home while you're at it!

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Play Dress-up
Before you get your dress cleaned and boxed up, trash it or sell it, take it for one last ride around the house. Maybe even plan a romantic night in with your hubby and have him wear his tux for a romantic candlelit dinner.

Donning your wedding accessories can also do the trick. Wear your jewels to a cocktail party or to the office for a little extra glow. Vacuum in your veil. I will celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary this year and I have been known to wear my tiara around the house (and the office!) on occasion.

Start Planning
If not having anything to plan for is getting you down, start thinking about a future event. Whether it's a second honeymoon, a party for a friend or a themed dinner party, counting down to something new will help you kick those blues.

Have a Romantic Dinner
Break out your new wares and set the table for two. Try new recipes passed on from friends and family, or find something in those cookbooks you received as wedding gifts. Don't forget to add a little ambiance with lighting and your favorite tunes.

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Help a Friend
Know a friend or family member getting married? Offer to help them with the planning, invitation-stuffing, favor-making or errand-running. Just being there for emotional support can make them feel supported and help make their day extra special.

Give Back
With your weekends now free of wedding planning, find a way to give back to your community. Volunteer at a local animal shelter, feed those in need at a soup kitchen or clean up a park or beach near your house. You can even put your party planning skills to work with an organization like The Birthday Party Project, which throws birthday celebrations for homeless children. Everyone knows doing good makes you feel good too!

Find a Hobby
Find a new activity you and your beloved can do together. Gardening, hiking, paddle boarding, salsa dancing, cooking -- the possibilities are endless. Finding a hobby that you both enjoy will not only help you beat the wedding blues but will also bring you closer and create great memories.

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