Say Her Name: Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old Black woman who had recently moved to Texas from Chicago, Illinois was pulled over for a routine traffic stop this month. Subsequently after being pulled over she was arrested and charged with assaulting a public servant.

On Monday morning, Bland was found hanging inside a jail cell in Waller County. Her autopsy revealed the cause of death was suicide by hanging.

However, the circumstances surrounding the event would indicate otherwise.

Cellphone video of the incident has surfaced on Twitter and Youtube where Bland can be heard pleading for her safety and indicates she can not hear out one ear.

Bland, a vocal participant in the #BlackLivesMatter movement according to her social media pages, can also be heard thanking the person filming the police interaction.

The District Attorney on the case, Elton Mathis, indicated that Bland had traveled from Illinois to Texas to accept a new job position.

"I understand there's some disbelief among some friends and family that she would do this to herself," said Mathis.

Friends and family are not the only people in disbelief. As of this morning over 100 thousand people are tweeting about the suspicion surrounding Bland's death while in police custody.

Glenn Smith a sheriff involved with this case was previously fired in 2007 as the Chief of Police in Hempstead, Texas for suspicion of racism and police brutality.

The official investigation will be done by the Texas Rangers Division, which according to the Texas Department of Public Safety is a law enforcement agency with statewide jurisdiction in Texas, based in Austin.

Please #SayHerName as we work to uncover the truth in what happened to #SandraBland.