Say No To A Holocaust For Horses: 44,000 Horses Won't Die On Our Watch

That couldn't be real.... The wild horse is our iconic American image and heritage. Wouldn't everyone protect them at any cost? Unfortunately, the answer is "no" unless we do something about this right now.

No group has the power to kill off almost the entire remainder of the species. There is an estimated 67,000 wild burros and horses left across all states so this would be devastation beyond measure.

This situation is not only real, it's dire and timely. The good news -- there are solutions and you can help and it doesn't take long.

The immediate solution is to sign this petition and write a personal letter letting all decision-makers at the BLM and government know you oppose the killing of healthy, protected wild horses and burros (see addresses).

The time for you to rise up and make a difference is NOW. Your voice is needed. Thank you for signing, writing, and sharing this article.

In a couple days I will be posting a follow-up that highlights longer term solutions to this issue. It's a complicated one but requires a shift in consciousness that I trust humanity will choose.

Please join me in my vision that horses are actually here to partner with humanity to help us learn how to be the best versions of ourselves. It starts with you now and the next choice you make.

(Photo credit Kate Neligan. Taken at Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary)