Say What? Free Hearing Tests Offered Over The Phone

Yes, free!

All excuses for not having your hearing tested are now invalidated. In a simple, free 10-minute test conducted over the phone, you can have your hearing tested without any over-the-top sales pitch.

The limited-time screening is being offered by MDHearingAid, in partnership with the National Hearing Test. You need to register for a free access code at May is Better Hearing Month.

The test was developed with funding from the National Institutes of Health and is an accurate, scientifically validated exam. Test participants listen to three-digit sequences and then use the phone keypad to enter what they hear. Participants whose results indicate “slightly below normal” or “substantially below normal” hearing ability are provided information on how to obtain a more complete evaluation by a certified hearing professional in their local area. Those who need hearing aids have the option to order one-size-fits-most MDHearingAid digital hearing aids that don't require custom fittings -- reducing costs to as little as $200 per ear. Medicare does not pay for hearing aids.

What have you got to lose except having to say "what?"



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