Say YES to YOU in 2016!

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YES! It's that time of year again!

A time for making new year's resolutions. A time for making a commitment to ourselves for the year ahead!

This year - think about making a commitment to YOU!

What do I mean?

I was sitting in my local cafe the other day - chatting away (as one does) to the other locals - and one of the locals was so sick I told him to go to hospital. He didn't! You know why? He had "too much work to do!"

Sound familiar?

It certainly did to me.

I, like many people, find it hard to say "no" and put myself (and my health) first.

In that moment it hit me and I said to this man's wife, "you know what; every now and again we need to say "yes" to ourselves and "no" to everyone else". She agreed! It was a true "a-ha" moment! The proverbial light bulb turning on, because it couldn't be more true!

Seeing what this man was doing to himself really brought this home.

It is so important to put ourselves first. If we are falling apart, we are no use to ourselves or anyone else. Right?

So what are you waiting for? Make this your mantra for 2016 and say YES to YOU starting today!