Say Yes


Having coffee with Sarah Childers

The leaves on my maples were teeny-tiny green spots against blue sky two weeks ago. This morning they form a lush blanket of oxygen-expelling softness, hiding my neighbors from sight. Their growth was rapid. Almost dizzying. It was time.

We live in a circular, cyclical, seasonal world. It is Spring in Seattle and everything is emerging. Swift expansion comes with unsettled energy which can do one of two things: send us right back under the covers trying to hide from it; or propel us toward the very thing we've been resting up for all winter. We can say no or we can say yes.

It's time to grow Lucia's team.

As founder and editor, bringing on new team members is a scary step for me. I want to be careful and thoughtful. Lucia is not yet profitable. I am still funding this operation with my day job. I'm afraid to ask for talented help when I'm not yet able to pay talented people what they are worth in dollars.

I believe wholeheartedly Lucia will succeed, though. Not an hour goes by I am not working toward this. Like maple leaves knowing April is the time to grow, something inside me is whispering loudly. Yes, there mornings when I'd like to stay in bed and keep Lucia small. But it wants to grow.

So we are looking for a social media and sales assistant.

Growth is never linear. It feels more like fireworks sometimes. Quiet, quiet, quiet, BOOM. Posting the job description brought another new team member, one I wasn't expecting but now see that we need.

Saturday morning I arrived at the Tangletown Zoka Coffee Roaster to meet with a spark of brilliance named Sarah Childers. Sarah wrote for Lucia's maiden issue and had reached out to me on Friday saying she was intrigued by the opportunity to be involved in a new way.

As we sat down to talk, I pulled out my Moleskine journal with two full pages worth of notes I'd scribbled in red uniball pen from bed that morning; an outline of Lucia's priority needs right now.

"REVENUE" was scrawled across the top of page one, followed by the sources and avenues I need help to cultivate and pursue. We discussed growing the subscriber base, targeted marketing, looking for sponsors, considering grants. Sarah was effervescent, full of ideas, eager to learn more, and yet... her awesome talent doesn't lie in social media marketing or magazine sales.

The very last note on page two of items I need immediate help with was this: Thoughtful expansion of Lucia's editorial content and blog.

Bingo! Fireworks.

"Would you be interested in taking on a role expanding Lucia's blog and editorial content?"

She said yes.

I'm excited for you to get to know Sarah. Her intriguing background in education and women's studies seeps into talented writing and a playful, heart-centered spirit. She is an inspiring, intelligent muse. You'll hear more about her and from her in the weeks to come if you follow Lucia's blog.

This morning I listened as rain fell outside my open window. "Who else will say yes this week?" I wondered. I tossed back the covers and rose bravely to meet them.