Saying Hello to Christmas

The other night after working late in the studio, I came home and watched a little TV in our family room before heading up to bed.

When I turned off the lights in the room, I saw our Christmas tree in the corner that my wife evidently had picked out that day. No decorations were on it yet. I hadn't even noticed it the whole time watching the show.


I was standing there in the quiet. In the stillness. In the darkness.

I was overwhelmed by the beauty of that tree. I thought about how a tree gives us life. How it draws its energy and its juice from the light. And how it gives life back out.

Even in the darkness, it seemed to glow. Off the sturdy trunk of the tree, its beauty was in the branches -- the growing, evolving branches.

Without a thing on it, it was spectacular -- and comfortable in our home.

And I imagined, how in a couple days, that tree was going to be blanketed with lights, and ornaments and garland. Blanketed with a story of our family. Blanketed with a story of our friends. Of our lives. Of our careers. Of our passions. Of the most treasured moments for all of us in our home.

The tree held the story of the richness, and the glory, and the wonder - of our family.

And I did what I've done for many, many years on each night of the Christmas season.

I put the end of a branch between my palms - and rubbed the scent of that tree on my hands.

I was taken away to everything beautiful in the treasure chest of that tree.

And in that moment, in that still moment -- I said hello to Christmas.

I said hello to these reverend days to cherish, and appreciate, and give thanks - to my wife, to my kids, to our friends, and to the absolute abundance of gifts our family has been blessed with.

May you find a moment of quiet in these days - that is your hello to Christmas.

And to the wonder, the amazing wonder of it all.


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