Saying 'No' Doesn't Make You a Bad Person But...

Saying no doesn't make you a bad person but, not saying anything at all does. What do I mean? If I ask you a question and you discuss everything under the moon but what I asked you, that's not cool. At a recent event, one of the speakers expressed that "...everything we do is a give and a take. By doing something for me today, tomorrow, the next day or even a year later, the debt maybe repaid when you least expect it." Of course, there will be times where you really can not do something and must tell me no, but if you're avoiding telling me in efforts to not hurting my feelings, please don't do that!

Why avoid telling people no? This will be the question that will continue to boggle my mind. We all have had to say no at one point. I have said no to my man, my child, mother, siblings and even my boss. There are even times when I had to compromise my no for a 'maybe.' Of course, there will times where a definite yes will be the answer, but to leave the person making the request wonder what your decision is -- ugh that makes you a bad person that leaves someone hanging.

I personally don't like asking for anything! My pride keeps me from asking for favors in the event that I'm not able to pay it back and that will bother me. The word no, and not being able to tell me no instead ignoring my request, lets me know where we are as associates in this world. People should realize that it's not easy to ask, let alone get no response when we actually do. Are you that busy to respond? Do you care to respond? Will you be asking someone else before you give a definite answer? How will you feel if someone didn't respond to you? Do you even know how to respond? I personally don't think some people do or even care to know how. They take "no" as a stepping stone, as they should, but don't remember that they are in a position that could help the next person by providing their reason why.

Rejecting someone's request does not make you a bad person, but not being able to articulate your rejection and your reasons for saying so, does. The next time someone actually asks you for something, and your inner voice says no, tell them. You may get a "why?" but you should be able to be truthful enough to let them know your reason.