'Scalia Law Is A Lot Like Sharia Law,' Points Out John Fugelsang, Following Supreme Court Prayer Ruling


Political commentator and comedian John Fugelsang pointed out a logical consequence of the Supreme Court's decision to uphold sectarian prayer in Greece v. Galloway on MSNBC's The Ed Show.

He suggested that the ruling was making Justice Antonin Scalia's version of U.S. law look "a lot like Sharia law" by allowing one religion to dominate, according to Raw Story.

“Jesus says you take care of the poor, you take care of the less fortunate,” Fugelsang said. “This is about a whole different thing: establishing Christianity as the dominant religion. If Jesus came back, he wouldn’t sue to make his name be said in Caesar’s house because Jesus wasn’t about asserting personal power.”

“And the irony is, these are the guys that are praying for a separation of mosque and state over there, erasing the wall of church and state over here,” he continued. “And it’s interesting, with government in religion, Scalia law is a lot like Sharia law.”

Watch the video for more. Fugelsang's comments begin around the 5:00 mark.

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