Scams Targeting Older Adults: Top 5 To Be Wary Of

Top 5 Online And Offline Scams That Target Post50s

No other demographic falls victim to scams and fraud quite as much as Post50s. Older adults are more likely than their younger counterparts to have excellent credit, own their own home and keep valuables in the house, making them prime targets for con artists and criminals. Even the polite and trusting nature that was ingrained in youth growing up in the 1950s and '60s is fodder for manipulation by professional criminals.

Unfortunately, con artists and criminals also know the effects of age on memory, and are banking on their older victims' inability to supply sufficient information to investigators when a scam is discovered, which can be months after interacting with the suspect. In fact, shame over being swindled or fear that relatives will deem them unfit to handle their own safety or finances makes senior citizens the least likely group in the country to report fraud.

So, with an eye towards protecting our readers, Huff/Post50 presents the top 5 scams that target older adults:

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Advance Fee Fraud

Top 5 Scams That Target Older Adults

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