'Scandal' To Get 'Darker And More Outrageous'

'Scandal' Is About To Get A Lot Crazier

How could "Scandal" possibly get any more scandalous? Well, when Shonda Rhimes is in charge, the sky's the limit.

"Access Hollywood" caught up with Tony Goldwyn, who plays President Fitzgerald Grant III on the hit show, to ask what viewers can expect in upcoming episodes.

Without spilling any major secrets, Goldwyn did say that things are about to get even more dramatic. "It just gets crazier and darker and more outrageous," he said, noting that Shonda Rhimes was "bringing it, every week." No one's arguing there.

Darker and more outrageous? There's only one reaction to this news:

tv show gifs

So are we, Olivia. So are we.

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