'Scandal' Bombshell: Huck Uncovers Fitz's Past, A Secret That Could Destroy Fitz And Olivia Forever

Huck put together the pieces of that top secret mission President Grant was involved in on "Scandal," but he probably wishes he hadn't. In Operation Remington, Fitz was listed as the pilot, but he was actually the pilot of a different covert mission near Iceland. According to Huck's research, Fitz was flying a plane that shot down a passenger airliner carrying 329 people. A clearly tortured Huck revealed what he'd learned to Jake, who was involved in Remington but seemed to know nothing of this other mission.

"Why, I don't know, but that's what the evidence is telling me," Huck said of the orders to shoot down a civilian airliner. He put it together by a combination of the location of the crash and the missing satellite footage. Two things make a coincidence, Huck conceded, but add in a third thing and you've got a conspiracy.

The third thing was the passenger list. "Fifth name from the top," Huck said. "Maya Lewis. She never took her husband's name ... Pope."

Not only did Fitz shoot down a plane filled with more than 300 civilians, he shot down Olivia's mom! This bombshell will rock "Scandal" to its core! The drama continues every Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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