'Scandal' Reveals Huck's Secret Past As Olivia Tries To Turn Away From Fitz (VIDEO)

"Scandal" returned with a heartbreaking episode on two fronts. For Olivia and Fitz, their twisted game of love just kept twisting and turning. This week, Olivia admitted that she still loved the president, but she'd determined that she can't do "this" anymore -- this twisted affair they've been having for years now.

Fitz pulled out all the stops with an impassioned speech about how he needed her. "I’m nothing. I’m nothing," he insisted. "And you are everything, and I need you to give me another chance."

She came in for a passionate kiss, before forcing herself to pull back. "I can't," she insisted, but it was clear that she wanted to. This is a battle of the mind against the heart for her. Entertainment Weekly believed her, though, saying they could see in her eyes that she was truly done with Fitz -- at least for now.

The other tragedy came in revelations about Huck's mysterious past. He's such a broken and shattered man, and much of that came at the hands of his former employer. Huck once had a family, including a wife and child. Command broke his mind so much that he'd forgotten them, but he's starting to remember. He thinks he may have had a family once, or did he make them up? He's not sure, but the audience saw him then and he was happy, making his current state even more tragic.

The wild drama of "Scandal" never slows down, Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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