'Scandal': Will Huck Reunite With His Wife And Son? Can He Kill Charlie? Scoop From Guillermo Diaz

The April 25 episode of "Scandal" finally gave viewers some insight into Huck's (Guillermo Diaz) mysterious past, revealing that the former assassin used to be a Marine who was drafted into the CIA's covert B-613 division to torture and kill targets deemed a threat to national security.

While it was fascinating to see Huck becoming the talented killing machine we know and love today (under the tutelage of George Newbern's Charlie), it was even more amazing to learn that the troubled Jarhead also had a wife, Kim (played by "Fringe's" Jasika Nicole), and a son, which explains his fixation with watching a suburban family live out their mundane lives. Sadly for Huck, there's no escaping B-613, which meant that as soon as his superiors found out about Huck's family, they locked him in a windowless bunker until he denied knowing them.

Even more gut-wrenching: Charlie threatened to kill them if Huck ever tried to make contact with them again -- which he didn't, until years later when a chance encounter at the subway station where homeless Huck was living prompted his son to offer the poor stranger (who was actually his father) some money -- at 7:52 in the morning. We're traumatized for life!

So where does Huck go from here? "He's definitely not going to be the same," Diaz told The Hollywood Reporter after the episode. "He's a bit more broken but ... after all the Gladiators told him what they think of him, that also healed him in a small way ... There's a stronger connection between Huck and everyone in the office -- Abby, Harrison, Quinn and Olivia. When you go through something really big like this with someone, it brings you closer."

Though Diaz, like the rest of the secretive "Scandal" team, was hesitant to share any real spoilers, he told THR that he thinks Huck is the kind of man who will stop at nothing to reconnect with his family now that he remembers they exist. "He's the type of guy that once he gets something in his head, he's going to get it done ... It's going to be really difficult because he's a completely different person now. I would hope if he did find his real family that there would be some acceptance from his wife and child. Who knows what relationships his wife is in now; is Kim in a relationship and married with other kids? ... It could either go really well and they'll hug, kiss, cry, love each other and live happily every after or it's going to be extremely complicated," Diaz explained.

Though some fans have seen a little chemistry between Huck and his gladiator protege Quinn (Katie Lowes), Diaz told Vulture that he doesn't see a romantic dynamic between the pair. "Right now, I see Huck as a big brother to Quinn. I think Huck feels a connection with Quinn [because] she's also broken as he is. He sees that her dad is pushing her away, and he feels like he wants to protect her and take care of her," he said. "I love that they put Quinn and Huck together and she's learning who and what Huck does ... But as far as it becoming a love triangle or hookup, I have no idea. But you never know."

Despite Charlie sparing Huck's life, his fellow assassin was still responsible for threatening his family, locking Huck in a crate and triggering his PTSD, so some payback might be in order. "Huck is going to be really smart about it. He's not going to do anything hasty," Diaz told THR. "I hope he doesn't kill him right away. I don't think that's where Huck's headspace is. He'll be methodical and think before he does anything too drastic." Diaz also pointed out that now Huck is working for Olivia Pope and Associates, he "doesn't want to be a killer anymore. He doesn't want to be that guy and that's one of the main reasons why Charlie is still alive ... Huck killing Charlie would make Huck take 50 steps back."

For more from Diaz about the intense events of the April 25th episode of "Scandal," titled "Seven Fifty Two," and where Huck goes from here, head over to THR and Vulture.

"Scandal" airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Do you think Huck will be able to reunite with his wife and son? What do you think will become of Jake since his enigmatic supervisor is the head of the B-613 division? Share your predictions below!

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