'Scandal' Welcomes Lisa Kudrow, But Has A 'Fan' Blog Scandal Of Its Own (VIDEO)

One of our favorite "Friends" returned to network television when Lisa Kudrow made her debut appearance as Congresswoman Josephine Marcus on "Scandal." And right away, she's started making waves big enough that it convinced Cyrus to start digging up dirt on her.

After Josephine gave a compelling speech, Cyrus noted, "And a star is born. It's all about how you appeal to the people, and Kudrow's appeal will last at least a few more weeks. As Hypable's Andrew Sims noted, "Kudrow will have a role that lasts for several episodes.

She picked a busy week to show up, too. While the episode dealt with the sexting scandal of former Congressman Anthony Weiner, TV Fanatic's Miranda Wicker reported that an ABC staff member was outed for being behind one of the show's more popular "fan" blogs. “The Twitter account, whose name changed to @GrantForPrez just as this story began to break, has since been deactivated," she wrote. "The blog associated with the account,, has been made private by its owner.”

Looks like "Scandal" has a mini-scandal of it's own! The on-screen drama continues on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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